Rhode Island And Providence Plantations

Well, I have now made it to The Littlest State With The Biggest Name!  And a big hello to anyone from Rhode Island (see, I DO know the OFFICIAL name of y’all’s state!!)

As of the border with Connecticut, I had walked 825 miles…I made the crossing on my afternoon walk today, just now finding time to update my blog, I am now just under three miles into Rhode Island.  Should be in Providence in about 3-4 days, and Massachusetts in five.

So far, I have walked just under 1,800,000 steps, and burned just under 150,000 calories.  This is about 34 pounds of ugly fat.  My total time walking, if expressed as walking 24/7 – is about two weeks and two hours.  I also have, I believe, finally reached a total weight loss of 100 pounds.  I do not know for sure, since I do not get on OFFICIAL weigh-in until November 19…but my bathroom scale, adjusting for what I KNOW it to be off, tells me I have reached this awesome milestone…so, if not in actuality yet, then I am very close!


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