An Introduction To Diabetes Management

I have to preface this by stating up front, that I am not a doctor, and I am not qualified to give medical or dietary advice.  I can only tell you what has been working for me, and why I have taken the approach I have taken in managing my condition.  I can also tell you that I do have some background in disease and disease processes as a result of my training for Medical Transcription (I have to understand disease processes so that I can correctly determine context.)  Also, because I own my own business and work from home doing medical billing and coding, I have a little more freedom in how I treat my condition than one who punches a clock might have.

I will also say that diabetes is very much not a “one size fits all” condition, and therefore, I see no reason why our treatments should be one size fits all, either.  What works well for me, may not work at all for another diabetic…or may work even better for them than it does for me.  There ARE certain things which seem to work for most diabetics, however…at least the ones I have talked to…and from whom I got much of the information I used in formulating my own treatment plan.

I will also tell you that I am not doing this alone, I DO have an entire healthcare team who is monitoring my progress, and who is guiding me and supporting me in my management of my condition.  And this is critical!  My doctors do not micromanage me, they do not lecture me, frighten me, or try to make my treatment a “cookie-cutter approach.”  They DO monitor me, support me, guide me…they steer me away from any ideas I might have that could be harmful or dangerous, and if I ask then WHY they advise against a certain course of treatment (or FOR a certain course of treatment) they will actually tell me.  Now because I have a medical background in transcription and billing/coding, they can speak to me in professional terminology, rather than in layman’s terms.

I, however, will try, as best I can, to speak in layman’s terms about what I am doing for my condition.  I mean for this blog to not only document my progress in my Walk Around America…but to be a resource place for people to know what I am doing to manage my condition…what has been successful for me, so that they may get ideas from it…which I HOPE they will run by their own healthcare team before trying themselves!  I run everything by my healthcare team before I start doing something new…or getting more intensive in my diabetes management.

As Dr. Clayton, my PCP, likes to tell me, “Diabetes is like a vicious, caged animal.  If you keep it caged, it can’t hurt you.  But if you let it out of the cage, it will maul you!”  Everything I do in my diabetes management is intended and geared towards keeping that animal caged.

Until next time!



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