Harry!! I Have Reached The Top!!

Well, the top of Maine, anyway!  I have now walked 1,577.34 miles, and I am at Estcourt Station, Maine…opposite Pohènègamook, Quebec.  Don’t ask me how you pronounce that one!  I have lost just under 130 pounds since starting on my diabetes journey, I am now at 175.2 pounds, and for the first time in thirty years, not only am I no longer obese, but I am no longer overweight at all – my BMI came in at 24.8!!

I have burned just over a quarter-million calories in my walking thus far, and have taken just over 3,400,000 steps.  My total walking time is now up to just over 552 hours, the equivalent of 23 days.  On the actual calendar, I have been on my journey now for just over 7 months and a week.  I have logged 641 total workouts in this time period, meaning the average length, per walk is approximately 2.46 miles.


Here is my latest map:

Walking USA 611 in 276 - ME