Hello, New York!!

Yesterday afternoon, October 15, 2015 I started off in New Jersey and crossed into New York.  I am now over 600 miles into this thing, about 3 percent of what I eventually hope to accomplish.  My current path takes me basically around Long Island – note that it does not touch any of the boroughs of NYC, or the extreme western end of Long Island.


This is because I am walking the INTERNATIONAL BOUNDARY of the United States…as this is what I was able to get really accurate numbers on.  I do intend to go back and walk around the boroughs of New York, the areas not walked around New York Harbor, and the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia/Maryland, etc.


Because I do not have 100% accurate information on the distances involved, I have elected to do these areas later as I may come across some accurate info.  Otherwise, I will estimate as best I can…the scale of my map indicates that each pixel represents approximately 1.5 miles.  so when I go back to complete these areas, I hope to have accurate figures, otherwise I will make the best approximation possible, erring on the side of estimating higher than actual miles.


Here’s my current map:  Walking USA 86 in 127 - NY