Maryland Achieved!!

I started out on July 9, 2015, on the NC/SC border, and began walking north along the eastern coast of NC.  I am walking land/water boundaries, as these are the stats I was able to obtain.  NC has 301 miles of Atlantic Coastline according to the NOAA, which is where I got my stats.  Virginia has 112 miles.

As of this afternoon, September 18, 2015, I have crossed the Maryland State Line, it took me seventeen calendar days to walk Virginia.

If you are in Maryland or Delaware, here’s a wave to you!  My next update will be New Jersey, or 1 million steps, whichever happens first.  As of now, I have taken 897,840 steps since my start on the NC/SC border.  I have walked just under 145 hours, or 6 days and an hour over 71 calendar days.  I have burned 81,489 calories, or approximately 18 1/2 pounds of ugly fat.

Walking USA 18 in 31 - MD