Rhode Island And Providence Plantations

Ok, as of this afternoon, I have made it to The Littlest State With The Biggest Name!  Yes, y’all from Rhode Island, I DO know the OFFICIAL name of your lovely state!  I am currently just under three miles into Rhode Island, having crossed over from Connecticut this afternoon.

As of that crossing, I had walked 825 miles.  I have taken just under 1,800,000 steps…and I have burned just under 150,000 calories.  This is approximately 34 pounds of ugly fat!  My total walking time, if expressed as walking 24/7 – is just about two weeks and two hours.

I have also, I believe, reached an important milestone…I have lost 100 pounds since my diabetes diagnosis!  I will not know for sure until my next official weigh-in, on November 19…but my bathroom scale, when adjusting for what I KNOW it to be off…tells me I have achieved this…so if I haven’t quite got there yet, I am very close!


Walking USA 28 in 40 - RI