Yesterday In Old Fall River…

OK, so I actually crossed into Seekonk, MA on Monday afternoon, and just have not managed, until now, to update my progress that I have now made it into Massachusetts.


Yesterday, at the end of the day, I had reached right around Fall River.  Those of you into American folklore may well remember Fall River’s most famous (or infamous) resident, Lizzie Borden.  I actually visited the house where the events of that day occurred, and I must say the tour is a very fascinating one…but I digress.


This morning, I left Fall River and am continuing on my way out towards Cape Cod.  As of the end of my walk this morning, I have covered nearly 880 miles, taken just over 1,900,000 steps, and burned over 157,000 calories.  By the time I reach Cape Cod…I will be about 5 percent of the way done with this walk (at least as originally planned) however, I do not plan on stopping walking once my goal is achieved!

Walking USA 169 in 192 - MA